Perception is not reality!

Well, its been too long since I posted something. I’m still alive and well in Addis. I went on a double decker bus tour of the city about a month ago–it was a good way to take photos and pretend to be a tourist for a few hours. Some pictures from the trip show the real Addis! After I got many comments about the photo of where I live surprised people and wasn’t what you thought of as “typical” Africa, I decided to name this post “perception is not reality” and post some pictures of more “typical” scenes of Addis!

Well, I was the one who was surprised, when I found out this week that the place I live IS made of mud and straw–just like the type of place many people thought I lived in–only mine is covered with shingles and doesn’t have a thatched roof!

We’ve had a video team here this week, to help us make a new promotional video for the project. It’s been good to hear stories from our beneficiaries and from some of the children. More about that in another post.

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