Update to Life Isn’t Fair, But God is Good

It has been way too long since I wrote an update on this story, but the saga continued for a while. A few weeks after this all happened, I went for a home visit late on a Friday afternoon to pay the caregiver and evaluate the beneficiary. The operative words here are “late on a Friday afternoon.” It was not a situation that anyone wanted to find at that hour, especially not here, where medical care at best is iffy and psychiatric care, in particular. She was completely out of her mind, walking around like a duck, trying to escape and trying to strangle herself with her clothes. A phone call to the doctor at the psychiatric hospital was useless; she couldn’t be admitted there because of her medical problems and there didn’t seem to be any concern that her only caregivers for the weekend were her teenage sons.

So what to do? The hired caregiver and her son should have gotten “combat” pay for having to deal with this. We went back to the office, just beating the rain, to consult with other co-workers. We found a private psychiatric clinic that would see her on Saturday morning (not obviously ideal, but the best we could do) and for about $8 -10 USD, were able to get a diagnosis of INH (a TB medicine) psychosis. My favorite antipsychotic, haloperidol was prescribed and stated.

I’m happy to say that she is doing much better, has no need for a daytime caregiver and is now able to manage her household chores with some help from her sons. There will probably be more updates to this story as time goes on; I have a feeling that the end of this story has not yet been written!

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