Orphan Holiday Celebrations

Easter, Betselot and me

We care for about 43 orphans in our project–that is, kids for whom both parents are deceased. They are referred to as “double” orphans, because losing one parent here can have you called an orphan. So on major Ethiopian holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s (in September) and Easter, we have a party for the orphans. For Ethiopian New Year, we had a program at the main office and then took them to lunch at a local restaurant. For Christmas, we had a party at the office, told the Christmas story and decorated Christmas cookies and ate pizza. For Easter, we went to our Bole office, where one of our beneficiaries cooked Ethiopian food for them. We told the Easter story of Christ’s death and resurrection and they drew pictures to illustrate it. The older girls had fun taking pictures with my camera at Easter, but these pictures are from 3 celebrations.

New Year’s, Brian and friends
Christmas, Hirut and Nathanael
Easter, Betty and Kendi
Firkerte being a kid!

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