Weusene Update

Here’s a quick update on Weusene. We went to Alert Hospital on the other side of town last Monday, only to find that the doctor was at Black Lion Hospital! So back we came–that’ll teach me to call before I go!

He felt that she needed 15 more days of treatment, which will make a total of 45 days. There is no known benefit for going beyond 45 days. She wanted to know if there was any other way to get the medicine, other than shots, but alas, there is not. She has been her usual sweet, brave self in coming in every day to get 2 painful shots.

On our way back to the office after the appointment, we stopped at the souk (shop) to buy eggs and lentils for her. When I asked her if there was anything else she would like, she pointed to the bag of nail polish hanging overhead. So she is now the proud owner of some extremely bright red nail polish!

We go back to the doctor the first week in October to find out the next step. There may be the possibility of another treatment, which is pills, if she is not completely well from the current treatment. The number of people who can get the pills is limited, so we shall see what they decide.

Meanwhile, after her shots each day, I am teaching her the Amharic alphabet. My Amharic isn’t very good, but I do know the alphabet and can read it, so I’m a baby step ahead of her.

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